I'm Safe
safety app

Be   Safe Smart with I'm Safe!

How I'm Safe works

The I'm safe app is easy-to-use, tamperproof, and secure.
Just follow these 5 steps and you are ready to go!

the app on your iOS or Android phone.
Add your trusted contacts to the app.
Click on the Track me feature during your
morning walk, trekking, hiking, or other activities.
Click the SOS option when you have
been assaulted or harassed.
Relax and know that you are in safe hands.

Our Features

Track me

Shares your location with your trusted contacts

“Track Me” function shares your location with your trusted contacts group when you’re not feeling safe on your daily walk or during any other activity. Additionally, you can choose how long you want the feature to run.


Alert your trusted contacts during an emergency

Activated during an emergency, the SOS feature sends out an alert message to your trusted contacts group along with your location, images, and an audio recording. SOS is designed to help you out of a dangerous situation.

Battery optimized

Easy on the battery

The app is optimised to provide the best safety features while consuming minimal battery in the process.

Data Security

Your data. Safe and secure

The data is stored cryptographically, making it immune to any tampering. This stored data can be used as critical evidence in a court of law.

Our Mission

To ensure Women's safety at all times

I'm Safe women's safety app aims to use technology to guarantee that women are secure at all times around the globe.


I'm Safe is a women's safety app designed with the latest technology to ensure women's safety at all times. The app is easy-to-use, reliable, and is an essential solution for women all around the world.

I'm Safe app FAQs

You can add trusted contacts through a separate option on the app. First, you find the contact and send them an invite. The contact accepts, installs the app, registers their profile and is added to your list

You can activate this feature by clicking the 'SOS' button on the app dashboard. Once actiavted, the feature sends an alert to your trusted contacts

The five people listed in your trusted contacts list recieve an SOS. After they recieve the SOS, they open the app and view your status

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