About us

“I’m Safe” is a new app developed as a solution for women who want to stay safe when alone at night or even during the day. When activated, the app sends out information about your location to up to five contacts in your trusted circle while capturing vital information in the background. “I’m safe” can be used anywhere in the world: at home, school, work, and any outdoor activities. Download the app from the respective stores and stay safe today.


To create a globally safe community where women are free from being a victim of physical and emotional abuse.


To provide a digitally advanced application that ensures a woman’s safety at all times.

Top-notch features

Road Map

Phase 1

  • - SOS Alert to Trusted Contact
  • - Geo Tagging & Time Stamp
  • - Track me Feature
  • - QLBD & Cryptographically secure
  • - Audio and Photo Anonymous
  • - Helpline Basic

Phase 2

  • - Safety marker with Interactive data
  • - Voice activation with advanced alerts
  • - Artificial Intelligence with Crisis recognition
  • - B2B Partnerships with Corporates and NGO’s / Secure Dashboard
  • - Helpline Pro (with 360 degree support)

Phase 3

  • - Hardware Wearables / Software integration with IOT support
  • - Gamification Model with Badges / Im Safe Heroes etc
  • - Self Supported community building Pro - Corporate and MNC’s API’s and HR department Integrations

Phase 4

  • - Complete Blockchain and Secure integration with Govt / NGO’s
  • - I’m Safe Seniors - I’m Safe Teens
  • - Safety Marker pro for Travellers