Getting Started

“I’m Safe” is a women's safety app developed by Ruah Tech. It can be used from anywhere around the globe whether you are walking home from school, or at work or taking part in sports or adventure activities.

Download the App

I’m Safe is available worldwide on Android and iOS phones. You can download the app from the Google Play store and iOS store.

Android users can download the app from here and the iOS users from here.

Registration and Sign up

The app will guide you with the setup and registration when you open the app for the first time. Hit the Let’s Go button to be briefed on the app’s essential features.

Giving permissions

Please note that the app will ask your permission to track location, use your camera and microphone. It is essential that you grant the required permissions for the app to work efficiently.

Enter the phone number for verification

Once the permissions are granted, the app requires you to input your phone number for verification and registration. Select your country code from the drop-down menu and add your phone number number and proceed further.

Enter the verification code

After you input your phone number, the app sends a verification code to the phone. Now head to the verification screen and enter the code. If you did not receive the code, wait for two minutes and you can resend the code to your phone again.

Creating your profile

Once the registration is complete, enter your name, gender, and upload your profile picture.

Adding trusted contacts

The app will now ask you to select a trusted contact from your contacts list. To invite a user, enter their number or tap on the phone book icon to browse through your contacts to select the user you want to invite and hit the submit button

That’s it. You are now all set to use I’m Safe.

Adding and Editing Trusted Contacts

To add or edit Trusted Contacts, go to the ‘Add’ button on the top right side of your app home screen, below the notifications and add or remove users as per your requirement on the Trusted Contact page that appears.

For non-registered users, the app sends them a text message, inviting them to download the app and become a part of your circle of Trusted Contacts. Users who have already registered will receive a notification telling them that you’ve just added them to your Trusted Contacts list and will require them to accept the invitation from the notification area (Bell Icon on the top right corner of the app).

Removing Trusted Contacts

To remove a Trusted contact, first, click the profile icon on the bottom right of the app home page. Now select the Trusted Contacts on the settings page and click the remove button on the contact’s right side. The app immediately removes that contact from your Trusted Contacts list.

Selective Sharing

When you activate Track Me, you actively share your location with your Trusted Contacts list. However, you can also choose to not share your location with specific contacts if required. The Selective Sharing feature lets you hide your location from some of your Trusted Contacts when needed.

To enable selective sharing, first activate Track Me at the center of the dashboard. The app displays your list of Trusted Contacts. Here, you can select the number of people you want to share your location with. Now, you will share your location only with the Trusted Contacts you selected.

Actively Tracking

Other users can add you to their Trusted Contacts list. Once added, you get a notification when these Users activate Track Me and share their location with you. You can also view their location and status from the ‘Active Tracking’ section on the mid-left side of the app homepage.

View Location Via Maps

To reach one of your contacts who is actively sharing their location with you, click on the contact, then on the map screen that appears with the user’s avatar on the map, tap and hold for the ‘view via map’ open to appear. Select ‘View view map’ to view the user’s location on google or apple maps at your convenience.

Note:Apple maps may not be available to certain devices/ locations.

Track Me

Turning on Track Me

Go to the app home screen and click the ‘Track Me’ at the center. The app then starts sharing your location with your Trusted Contacts. You can also share pictures and messages with your Trusted Contacts and keep them updated on your activities at all times.

Additionally, you can set the duration of your Track Me session to one hour, eight hours, or keep it constantly running.

Once activated, Track Me starts automatically sharing your location with your Trusted Contacts.

Selective Sharing

When you activate the Track Me function, you actively share your location with your Trusted Contacts. However, you can also choose to not share your location with specific contacts if required. The Selective Sharing feature lets you hide your location based on your requirements. Activate Track Me then select the contacts you want to share your location with and the app only shares your location with them.

Update your location frequency

Another addition to the Track Me function is you can decide how often you want the app to share your location with your Trusted Contacts. To do this, go to your profile page and select the settings button on the lower left. From there, select Track Me. Here, you can update the frequency your app shares your location with others. This option is helpful for anyone looking to conserve their battery.


The SOS feature immediately sends out a notification to your Trusted Contacts and alerts them that you are in danger. That way, your Trusted Contacts can take the necessary action like contacting the local authorities, calling you or traveling to your location.

Using SOS

You can activate the SOS feature on the app homepage. To activate it, click the SOS button at the bottom center of the screen.

When activated, the app starts a five-second countdown.

After the countdown, the app alerts your Trusted Contacts informing them that you are in danger.

You can also skip the countdown and immediately send an alert to your Trusted Contacts. To skip the countdown, tap the I need Help button on the bottom right during the countdown.

During the SOS, the app records audio clips, takes pictures, and stores the data on your phone and a cryptographically-secure server that cannot be deleted. You can retrieve this information and use it in a court of law.

Stopping SOS

When SOS is activated, the app sends an alert notification to your Trusted Contacts along with an OTP. To turn off the SOS alert, you have to enter the OTP the app sent to your Trusted Contacts.

SOS Auto termination and extension

The SOS signal will be active for a period of 1 hour or until the OTP from the Trusted Contact is entered. After a time period of an hour, the SOS signal is auto terminated. Before auto termination, the Trusted Contacts receive a prompt if they wish to keep the SOS signal active which might help them while in pursuit of the person in danger.

SOS History

To view the SOS history, navigate to your profile on the bottom right of the app homepage. Now select the SOS history option on the right side. The app will display a list of SOS events you triggered and the date you triggered them.

Terminate your account

You have the option to permanently delete your account from the I’m Safe app at any time. To terminate your account, first, navigate to the profile page on the bottom right of your home screen.

On the profile screen, select setting, on the settings screen choose Terminate account. By choosing Terminate account, your profile will be deactivated for 45 days before getting permanently deleted.

If you wish to activate your profile, simply sign-in/ register with the same mobile number within 45 days of initial deactivation.


Request a feature

To suggest a feature, go to the app’s webpage and navigate to the feedback form. Here, you can submit your suggestions. The development team will go through these suggestions and get back to you with a response.

Report an Error

To report an error on the app, open the app’s webpage and select the feedback form section. Here, you can submit your error report along with a screenshot of the error if you have one.

Data Security

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